There Is NOTHING Like Our Product

This is the REAL Virtual Reality! This is the cutting edge technology you are looking for! Let our crew guide you through a unique and realistic experience in an artificial universe. Now! Embrace the future in a way that Conor McGregor would be proud of.

Powerful Immersion

Have you ever tried Virtual Reality? It's nothing like that. It's far more superior. Our product is nothing like the competitors. You are in for an experience of your life!

High-end Gaming Simulator

We've been rethinking Virtual Reality, so we made our own custom-coded movements to our simulator, to further enhance the experience and make it feel as real as possible.

Versatile Mobility

We've got a freaking VR-bus! That's right. We are very mobile and are therefor able to appear on custom locations - all while bringing the entire Virtual Reality + Simulator setup along.

Project Cars in REAL Virtual Reality + Simulator

We use the strongest hardware elements from the gaming market and combine them together to give consumers and enthutiast a glimse into the future of gaming. We operate on a mobile basis and our mission is to entertain you with games from the highest level.


” The future is already here –  It’s just not evenly distributed “
– William Gibson


We want everyone to see the fun and adventure of real VR. So we thought, how can we give people a chance to try it out for them selves.

Introducing the VR-bus! – It’s entertainment on wheels.

It’s fun to watch and it’s an amazingly fun experience to try out.

We are a team which are passionate about what we do. You can get to know a little more about us down below.
Ivan Nielsen

Ivan Nielsen

Sales & VR Consultant
Nick Sander

Nick Sander

Community manager

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