Shark Gaming Ventures

Shark Gaming is currently expanding our products into the nordic region. We are attending some of the biggest venues and expo throughout 2020, aiming to reach 2 million people on our offline events and further more reach 7.2 million on our social media platforms. We offer ongoing campaigns with a high precision for targets group within a 150 billion dollar industry. Get more information on the campaigns below.


Looking for an extra spark for your event? Draw in audiences with a selection of event arenas to choose from. Whether interaction through VR or battles between the highest play in ESPORT competition. Shark Gaming Entertainment, can help boost the experience from start to finish.


This is the REAL Virtual Reality and cutting-edge technology you are looking for! Shark Gaming is proud to be on the front-line for offering the latest in future technology that you can’t miss. Whether you are looking for the latest in Simulation VR or a quick consultation, we are here to help you on which ever path.


Being at the front of gaming technology, we strive to support in the latest in rental equipment for all events. Shark Gaming Systems operate on the highest standard and will help supply entertainment to turn your event into the biggest hit. Providing the latest Might Shark series to the latest in high end peripheral gaming gear, you won’t miss a beat.


Behind every event, Shark Gaming Entertainment knows the amount of work required to create memories that won't be forgotten. Down to the smallest detail we offer tailored support to create these memories that leave everlasting impressions. Don't hesitate and check out the services to provide you an insight for what can be achieved for your events today!